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This is the page where I'll describe how I got interested in Oval Racing and how I ended up racing myself.

I went to my first ever Stock Car meeting at 3 months old (or so I am told). Mum, Dad and grandparents were all into racing. My first recolection of racing is a race at Spedeweekend where the leader of each lap got some money. Barry lee won the race and came away with most of the loot. I was hooked, but as a child I did not go to many meetings. We then moved to the other side of Ipswich (with in cycling distance of Foxhall) and I started Copelston High School. I went to a few meetings with friends from School. At the time Polley and Longhurst were racing 1600cc HotRods. After an annoucment at Foxhall we joined the Foxhall Foxes supporters club, where I become friends with a few members that travelled all over the country to watch racing. I then spent many years travelling round the country watching racing, my favourite formulas being F2, F1 and Saloon Stock Cars. I had just started work when we moved to Needham Market. This is where I really became involved in racing. I had become friends with the Brett family. With Mark Brett No. 18 Saloon stock I soon become involved in the building and racing of Stcok Cars then later 1300cc stock cars.   Also just round the corner lived another friend and stock car driver, 438 Tony Lay.
I helped Mark for several years, untill he emigrated to New Zealand. I went on to other things, including model stock car (slot stox) racing. It was here that I met up with Peter Rose. He offered me a go in a Rookie Rod at a Foxhall practice Night. I got on pretty well, with in a few laps I was on the pace (all that watching had paid off) As much as I wanted to race I could not afford it. Later that year Peter built me a banger, A Nissan Bluebird. I did not finish one race, but thats racing. I decided it was now time to give it a go. I purchased a van and found a workshop. All I needed was a car, I was not sure what I wanted to race, Then after a call to Tony Lay he offered me Michaleas old car. It was a mk2 Fiesta. It had more steel in it than a Saloon Stock car. But I knew I would not get hurt. Whilst getting the Fiesta ready to race I built and raced a couple of bangers with limited success. I always seemed to have the biggest of crashes. I managed to get follwed in and broke two ribs.I done a full season in 2005 with the Mk2 Fiesta picking up some reasonable results, particularly in the wet.Towards the end of 2005 I burnt my arm badly at Yarmouth, my own damm fault. Do not take a rad cap off a hot engine. DOH! This gave me the time to build my new car, a Mk 3 Fiesta. We raced the Mk3 at the last meeting of 2005 at Foxhall, in the Ice. We ended up with a bit of damage but nothing too bad.
2006 bought mixed fortunes. I blew 3 engines up at the beginging of the season. It was time to build a good reliable engine. This we done, buying all parts on E-Bay. As time goes on we are getting better and more reliable, So bring on 2007.
See you around the raceways,